Top 10 LinkedIn Groups updates

1. Are the robots going to take away your jobs?

Jon Kaplan, President, TeleDevelopment Services, Inc.

2. What are your 3 wisest tips for using voice of the customer effectively in your call center?

Briana Songer, Director of Marketing, Workforce Engagement

3. How contact centers can get their mojo from Maslow’s hierarchy

Fahad Muhammad, Innovative Marketer

4. Wat moet je nooit tegen een boze klant zeggen, en wat wel?

Martyn Grifhorst, Oprichter en Hoofdredacteur Het Callcenter Netwerk

5.Letting an employee with a poor attitude slide without correction can bring down the morale of the entire workplace.

Aldrick Rich Senior Account Manager at RPC Company

6. Een blanco begin geeft het nieuwe de kans

Ineke Walravens, Verandermanagement | strategie | lijnmanagement

7. Top Customer Service Articles of the Week

Kelly McQuiston, Director, Global Managed Solutions at Kelly Services

8. How can gamification lead to higher employee retention?

David Geffen, Marketing Director, Back Office Solutions at NICE Systems

9. Are you ‘managing the client lifecycle’ or ‘caring’ for your customers?

Karyn Ross, Lean for Service Excellence

10. Klantvriendelijkheid vs Klantgerichtheid

Chrissy Flohr, Manager at EMIC | European Market Intelligence Center

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